The Gasnakis Bros CO is a lemon juice and lemon dressing producing and bottling company.

It was first set up in 1969 by John Gasnakis who established lemon juice in the greek market under the name gasnakis juice. For the first time lemon juice is put on the market in different plastic bottles suitable for different dishes (meat, fish,) salads and cocktails.

Then, in 1990 the company turns into John Gasnakis and Son when Stelios Gasnakis becomes an active partner.With new potential the company establishes even more forcefully its products both in the Greek and the foreign market. It starts export in many different countries such as England, Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Poland, Canada, America, Slovakia, Finland and Czech Republic. The lemon juice and lemon dressing comes into different plastic bottles 200ml, 330ml, 350ml, 360ml, 380ml, 400ml, 655ml, 675ml, 4lit, 10 lit.

The company can produce its goods under any desirable label and package that our customers may ask for. As concerning the mechanical equipment we always try to keep up with new technology – we buy the latest models – and this gives the company great production potentialities to meet any demand.

In 2003 John Gasnakis stepped down and his other son, Melios Gasnakis, went into business.

In 2009 our company was transferred to privately owned plant measuring about 3 acres and meeting the regulations imposed by the Supreme Medical Committee. Furthermore in 2010, with a view to be able to carry out even bigger produce and in every desired packaging, we renewed once again our mechanical equipment.

Nowadays mane of our company is Gasnakis Bros. We carry on always using high quality and specification raw materials for our products so that consumers can buy the best quality.